There Is No Perfection In The World

clip_image001We think that the breaking occurred in the past. However, there was no breaking. We need to reveal that we are situated in a broken state.

Our desire seems whole to us now. Our life doesn’t seem broken to us; it seems perfect. We wish to advance by following the same path of our life. We think that we can continue the same way as always, find success and make new revelations.

However, in truth, if we are to advance, we have to apply effort to reveal that we are not situated in a perfect state, but rather in a broken one. We just don’t see our present state correctly, similar to how Pharaoh in Egypt sees himself as the supreme master and proclaims, “Who is the Creator for me to listen to His voice!?” But this false pride lasts only until he discovers that he is broken into parts.

He sees that the “nation of Israel,” his internal “Israel,” is taking him somewhere. He sees that he has no power over it anymore and feels the ten blows coming down on him.

The same goes on for us until we reveal our broken ego. We don’t receive the sensation of a broken state initially. That’s why we are currently living in it, yet it doesn’t seem broken to us.

To the extent we discover that it is broken, we receive even more egoism. It is revealed to us this way in order for us to discover spirituality in its true form, rather than the broken state.

Our task is to reveal the breaking. We need to ascertain that we are broken relative to perfection.

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