The Soul On The Computer Screen

clip_image001A question I received: How can I strengthen my connection to the group if I only see them on the computer screen?

My Answer: This weekend there will be a global Kabbalah congress, hosted simultaneously in dozens of places around the world. Some places will host gatherings of hundreds of people, and other places – dozens. All together there will be thousands of people all over globe in attendance, all of whom desire to feel as one!

We must understand that we can only unite by connecting our points in the heart. Let’s participate together in all the lessons, meals, seminars, concerts, and in everything. But the most important thing is our thoughts.

I must remember that I am together with thousands of people all over the world who share the same desire with me. Thought and desire are not limited by physical distance. They are forces that spread with infinite speed and are unstoppable. The force of thought and desire is more powerful than anything in the universe.

Therefore, if we try to unite together, we will definitely evoke changes within us, and I very much hope for that to happen. Today our world group is strong enough to help everybody make the jump over the “wall” and cross into the spiritual world. If we try to do it together, then we have every opportunity we need to make it happen. It all depends on our willingness to connect and the understanding that one person is incapable of establishing this connection alone.

Our state is identical to the one at Mount Sinai. We are given a condition: Unite as one man with one heart. But everybody understands that this is impossible! We are standing around Mount Sinai (Sina means “hatred” in Hebrew). A mountain of hatred separates us from one another; it separates all of us. But we have points in the heart, which are gathered at the base of this mountain and unable to do anything.

That is why we demand for the Creator to be revealed in order to give us the Torah – the Light. If I were capable of connecting to others on my own, I would have no need for the Creator. He created the evil inclination, which is the evil I reveal while standing at the base of this mountain. We find that we are unable to unite together despite our great desire and understanding that there is no other way to go, that this is our only salvation.

It follows that we demand the Torah as a means of correction. But this is only made possible by the Upper Force, which unites us into one common spiritual vessel by assembling together all of its disconnected parts.

And then the Creator is revealed to the creature; this is called “the giving of the Torah,” where the Creator acts as a witness or a guarantor to our mutual guarantee. It is precisely He who upholds this mutual guarantee; He is the collective force of bestowal that unites us together.

From that moment on we continue to build our common spiritual vessel (Kli) by ourselves, having set off on a forty-year-long journey into the desert…

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  1. Love from Macedonia …

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