The Other Side Of Life

mutual.jpg You are leading a double life, but you don’t even suspect it. You are sleeping, unconscious with respect to the other reality, which is governed by bestowal instead of reception. Do you want to discover it? Do you want to wake up? If so, then the science of Kabbalah is here to tell you about the other side of the double life you are now living.

When this new life is revealed to you, it is so powerful that your entire life of the past turns into a dream, as if it was not real. Your present life is short and temporary, but you can gradually reveal a new awareness by virtue of a means that the Kabbalists have given to us.

Why does the spiritual reality turn out to be more intense than the current one? It’s because it is eternal, harmonious, and perfect. We just have to reveal a connection with that reality while living our current life. We have to reveal a new desire, similar to how this might happen in a dream, as if you are sleeping and then suddenly you wake up because a powerful desire emerges, like an a alarm clock ringing.

We are all sleeping in this world, but suddenly we feel a yearning for a new reality. If we want to awaken, we will receive the means to do it. But why can’t we wake up by ourselves? It’s because we have to understand, build, and create the new reality in order to learn all of its finest details starting from scratch. Then we won’t be “sneaking” into this reality like a tiny worm that crawls somewhere it isn’t supposed to. We won’t be connecting to it from below, but will bring all of it inside us. We will encompass it all within us and will thereby become equal to the Creator, the force that governs there.

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