The Orchestra Of The Common Soul

clip_image001The wider I reach out to collect all parts of the broken common soul into a single unified whole, the stronger the force that I acquire which enables me to attain the system that The Zohar describes. It tells us how to attain unity and to build our common spiritual body out of all souls and desires. When all those separate and contradictory desires unite together, they form a new, living system of life because despite their differences, they start working in harmony for the sake of achieving one goal. This is when they attain spiritual life.

Each one works in opposition to others – one moves this way, the other moves that way. It’s just like an orchestra where each violin player moves his bow in a different direction and each drummer hits the drums with the sticks moving up and down at different times, but the whole orchestra performs in harmony.

We have to understand that we can attain spirituality only by connecting different, opposite parts for the sake of reaching one ultimate goal, the Creator. When they connect for the sake of this goal, they thereby attain spiritual life.

It turns out that everyone has their own place and a right to exist; all we need is correction!

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  1. The orchestra analogy works for me because I am a lover of classical music. I also work in a health care setting where approximately 200 employees are working together to provides services to 150 patients. If each employee performs his/her job with the fukll recognition of the common goal, the result is truly symphonic. If not, chaos and cacophony result.

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