The Four Stages Of Attainment

historynow Children are a great example for us to follow because they have infinite energy and aspiration to learn about this world. They don’t tire of playing the same game a hundred times over, and they don’t care about anything; the most important thing to them is to do something all the time, even without thinking. The mind comes after the feelings.

Likewise, once you enter the spiritual world, you will understand everything. However, if you try to understand it first, you won’t be able to because the mind cannot precede the feelings.

Mental attainment is the last degree after all the sensual feelings have been attained:

  • Stage 0 (Behina Shoresh) is when I just begin to feel something.
  • Stage 1 (Behina Alef) is when I began to understand a little.
  • Stage 2 (Behina Bet) is when I learn of the reason for everything – that it all comes from the Creator.
  • Stage 3 (Behina Gimel) is when I become similar to Him and understand what kind of a relationship exists between us.
  • Stage 4 (Behina Dalet) is when I know, understand, and feel all the reasons and consequences; I then attain His mind.

Our development occurs according to these four stages, but it starts with feeling something for the first time. Until we feel something, the mind will only get in our way because we will be using the egoistic mind of this world.

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