The Creator Fights Our War For Us

blaming.jpg The Book of Zohar, Chapter Shmini (On The Eighth Day), Item 25: The right line and the left line are mercy and judgment. Those who aspire to the Creator go right, while idol worshippers go left.

He who aspires to the Creator, even should he sin and surrender, he remains on the right side, without connecting to the left or ever mixing with it. Therefore it is written: “Rescue with Your right hand and answer me.” For when the right ascends, he who is tied to it ascends and is exalted by it.

Then the left side obeys, and all those who walk from this side, as it is written: “Your right hand, the Creator, crushes the enemy.”

We shouldn’t focus on the left line, because if we begin to do this, we will analyze our desires and it will seem that we’re making discernments and actually standing up against our evil qualities. But in actuality we’ll be mixing with them, and that isn’t good.

We have to try to ignore them as if they don’t even exist. We shouldn’t desire to deal with them, but only aspire to the right side. When we aspire toward the spiritual goal, adhesion with the Creator, the Upper Degree, bestowal, then its Light will correct us and our egoistic qualities, the left side.

On our own we will never be able to withstand these qualities, so it’s best to just stay away from them. The left line awakens in us only so we cling to the right. This is our path. If, however, we turn to the left side, we will think we are heroes, capable of working with and defeating these desires. But that will never happen! Only the Creator can defeat them for us. This war is waged by the Creator, not by us.

We don’t have the strength for it. One who aspires to the Creator is little, weak, and unable to withstand the egoistic qualities on his own. All of this is arranged by the Creator, and all we need to do is desire for it to happen. We just have to reach the right request.

That is why our work is called “the Creator’s work”; it’s because the Upper Force, the Upper Degree, the Creator, carries out all the actions, while we merely express our desire for it to happen. Our entire work comes down to wanting for it to happen. This is called “I awaken the dawn,” when the horse (us) moves obediently on its own, guessing its rider’s (the Creator’s) wishes in advance.

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