The Book Of Zohar Works Even While Doing Dishes

prophet Just by reading The Zohar, we will reach the right sensation and the necessary demand. Why is that?

On one hand, we learn that if we don’t aim precisely at the source of the Light, if we don’t enter this ray and unite with everyone else so as to attain a collective desire, then we will not be successful. And that is correct, for that is the condition. But on the other hand, while we study and exert efforts, and go through different states, in the meantime the Light works us over and influences us.

We can accelerate time by “sanctification,” and this is best. However, in any case and in any state, even if a housewife is tending to her chores at home or washing the dishes (in Hebrew, dishes are also called “Kelim”) while listening to our Kabbalah TV channel  or The Zohar broadcast on the internet, she also tends to her spiritual Kelim.

That is how this book works. All we need is patience!

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