Rising Above The Mountain Of Doubts Together

clip_image001Every person should imagine that he is the whole world, the entirety of reality, and that everyone else are individual parts within it. If we begin to think this way, we will be returning to that system which is currently concealed from us. We are actually situated in it presently but we don’t feel this connection. And it is precisely this connection of ours that is hidden from us – we need to reveal it between our souls, our points in the heart.

The measures of this connection are called spiritual worlds. My degree in the spiritual worlds is determined by the extent that I feel connected with everyone else: 1/125, 2/125, and so on. When I am able to unite with the others to my fullest extent, it means that I have risen to my final, 125th degree. In order to achieve this I really require our corporeal mutual guarantee through which we all strive to achieve one picture, one state, one goal. For the time being, this is not clear to everyone and we constantly lose sight of this state.

However, precisely by advancing forward amidst the conditions of this confusion, we go through all the obstacles, thereby conquering them. These obstacles are given to us as help. This is how we ascend.

Therefore, when revealing a bad mood, lack of strength and desire, and confusion of thoughts and feelings, we need to understand that this is a burdening of the heart. It is given to us from Above according to our state and degree. We are to try to imagine ourselves in a new, higher state, while at the same time we are also searching for our connection with others, and our own strength and inspiration.

This connection actually already exists and only depends on how much I attach myself to this source and how much importance I give to the goal. It depends upon how much I can feel the support of my friend’s shoulder and the help from everything that is included in the concept of “a mutual guarantee.”

We need to come to this state if not by quantity, then by quality, since the intensity is measured by the production of quantity from the base of the qualitative state. If we lose out according to strength, we win in the fact that we spread out onto a greater distance. This is like examples from simple physical laws, where the power of the current multiplied by the voltage gives the power, or the way a force multiplied by a distance operates.

The entire heaviness and all the “sinners” that are revealed within us are presented against the unification, inspiration, and elevation; but they are given to us for our benefit. They are the desire which we are to rise beyond now.

Let’s not lose this chance; we should be happy about this opportunity and exert effort. Its hard work rising onto the mountain above our doubts (the word “Har,” mountain, comes from the word “Irurim,” doubts).

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  1. Yes, that’s right. I must feel like everybody is myself, like the Names of the Creator, imagining that they start mingle with eachother, first we see disparity, then confusion and finally One Name.
    We go to that Name, the point where is located, and then we dive into it, like light into a Black Hole, but in this case, a Light Hole, which we find to be a Stair to deep dimension, a dimension of Light.

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