Reveal The Universe Inside Your Soul

All the Prophets Wrote About Us A question I received: While reading the names and titles in The Book of Zohar, should we find their spiritual definitions, which each of us is going through at this moment, or it it a common standard which we need to find between us?

My Answer: The Zohar is talking about our internality. It tells us what is happening inside us, and each of us includes everything within.

The Zohar describes the structure of our soul, as well as how to discern it and reveal everything taking place in it. The entire World of Infinity, the Creator, and all of reality exist inside the soul. We have to reveal all of this there, inside our soul.

Baal HaSulam writes that The Book of Zohar includes all 125 degrees and its narration leads us all the way until the end of correction. It’s not important where you are located on the spiritual ladder; this book is always good for every person along the entire path.

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