Quality Times Quantity Equals Power

The Greatest Power Comes from Yielding to Others A question I received: What conclusions for our inner work can we draw from the principle that all of reality is perfect in relation to the Creator?

My Answer: This indicates that all the flaws are inside us, not in the Creator, and we must only correct ourselves in order to feel perfection. In reality, we already exist in the perfect state.

I hope that by preparing for  The Zohar Convention 2010 in February and gathering together, we will attain such a powerful unity that we will actually feel this. Spirituality becomes revealed only inside the unity of souls, not in the souls themselves. Inside the individual souls it is only possible to feel our world, whereas the spiritual world is felt inside the connection among the souls.

This connection can be attained by virtue of quality, in which case it’s enough to have a small amount of people – even ten people suffices if they are very powerful. Alternatively, if there are many people, their number can make up for what they lack in quality.

Quality times quantity equals power. So let’s hope that the upcoming unity will connect newcomers and old-time students into one whole, and then every person will receive the entire force of this unity which will give us a push upwards, toward the understanding and sensation of a new, spiritual reality. Then we will feel it in addition to the mundane reality that we feel today.

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