Prevent Spiritual Fever Before It Starts

A Crisis Is a Crisis A question I received: While in a state of concealment, how does one decipher whether he has advanced and received a new Kli?

My Answer: The presence of a new Kli is indicated by a burdensome, heavy sensation and attitude toward the Creator, the studies, the friends, the work in dissemination, and the connection with the group. One finds it difficult to think about all of this. He is only able to work mechanically, but his heart and feelings are numb to it.

This feeling means that one has received an additional, new, uncorrected desire, which he has never worked with before. An added feeling of heaviness suddenly falls on your shoulders and you don’t know what to do with it.

Now you have to continue the work along with that heaviness, lack of feeling, and inability to think about the future. To do this, you need to raise the importance of the spiritual goal, the Creator. You should immediately turn to the books and the group for help. If you don’t come running to them for help, you don’t make beneficial use of the “night,” the darkness that has come upon you.

We have to learn to foresee the states when the burdening of the heart and the fog suddenly come upon us, when fatigue and disappointment prevail, as though a dreary cloud has come down on us. This makes us inattentive and absentminded; everything suddenly seems to be on the same level of importance; the corporeal things might even seem more important than the spiritual.

We have to recognize when this state is approaching without waiting for it to intensify. There is no commandment telling us to submerge into an abyss and be miserable. On the contrary, we have to bring ourselves out of the descents immediately, such as by listening to the music of Baal HaSulam, watching a lesson or video, dancing or singing our songs, or turning on our TV channel. A person needs to search for all the possible means, like someone who feels his fever rising and immediately begins to treat himself so he doesn’t get even more sick.


  1. Bring on the fog!

  2. Is this the burdening that is there whenever the point in the heart first appears? As if you find everything that was previously pleasant, unsatisfactory?

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