Our Perception Of The World Is An Optical Illusion

A New Year's Wish to the World Our perception of the world and sensation of life are found inside our desire since in truth, our desire is the only thing that was created. Therefore, we live and perceive everything within the self. However, there are two pictures (or formats) of our perception. We perceive one part of the picture as “us,” and the other part as the “world around us.” This perception within our desire is split in two – inner and outer, “us” and “our environment.”

Likewise, our picture of reality divides into circles that expand from inside out. These circles are comprised of the soul, the body, our immediate surroundings, and our distant surroundings. In reality, however, this whole perception exists within us, within our desire. Therefore, if we want to change the world, we have to change our desire. It’s because our perception of the world depends on our desire, and moreover, the whole world is perceived within it.

Our perception that the world exists outside of us is an illusion. The world exists entirely in our desire, but we currently don’t feel it. We relate to nature and to humanity, which are actually parts of ourselves, as something alien, and as a result of this attitude, we suffer. If only we realized the harm we cause ourselves with this imaginative view of the outside world.

It is a mistake, an optical illusion! It only appears that there are people around us whom we can disregard. We simply don’t realize that in so doing we bring miseries and problems to ourselves. Our entire lives are filled with problems and suffering only because we have this terrible and twisted perception of reality.

The science of Kabbalah teaches us how to unite our disconnected parts. Alone we are incapable of it, but we can make a request for the Light to correct our perception. Then we will see one reality, one desire, and inside it – one soul and one Light.

As we move toward this goal, we should try to aim ourselves toward unity. When reading The Book of Zohar we must continually bring ourselves back to the sensation of “the entire world is inside me.” Whatever the text may speak of, all of it is describing forces, qualities, and desires that are inside us.

All the spiritual worlds are within, while outside there is nothing. The world must not be divided into inner and outer, because it is one common soul.

By remembering this we draw upon ourselves the influence of the Light which unites together the separate parts of our perception.


  1. Shalom,
    I found in this letter, again, something about my self which split my personality from the world of people around me and caused a lot of pain and shame to begin with. Maybe this is not the right place to describe and talk about it, but it could help a lot of people with the same issue, and by hoping so i will dare to ask for your help and the Creator`s. I was diagnosed with discordant syndrome in my youth. This is Schizophrenia in other words. How do I and others alike repair this split? Especially since I feel like no one in this actual world would want to connect or unite with something like me and even are not supposed to?

    Thank you for the opportunity to get this so out of my chest. And you can`t do nothing to stop me loving you.

  2. how can our perception change the world?

  3. Our preseption evolves constantly by way of human survival…we sence.see.feel only what we need to survive…kinda like a fish in a fishtank..the fish has no idea of the world around him because he dosent have to in order to survive….

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