Misfortunes Are Help In Disguise

A Crisis Is a Crisis The Zohar: Many are the ills that Jacob suffered so as to not cling to the evil inclination. And how many ills do righteous suffer in this world, ills over ills and pains over pains to purify them for the next world?

The revelation of the evil inclination is necessary, because otherwise, how can a person advance? The state of being “righteous” is a state of immobility. It’s when one feels that he doesn’t need anything, that everything is in perfect order, and whatever happens is for the best. However, a person cannot advance while feeling this way.

Precisely the misfortunes that come to us become the “engine of progress.” We need to see them as forms of help which leads exactly to the desired effect.

Yet, everything depends on one’s preparation. If a person prepares himself correctly for revealing the “wicked” (various negative desires, weakness, and confusion), then he is able to accept them as goodness. Having acquired experience, a person sees that as he searches for the way out of these descents, he becomes smarter and stronger, and thus rises above his present state. This is why a person is taken out of the state of righteousness and is confused by foreign thoughts and desires; it’s because this gives him material for advancement.

We need to change our attitude to what happens. It is very important to perceive all the interferences as help on the way to the goal. After all, they force us to ask for the forces that will provide us with support and help in time of trouble. The group, the dissemination, the studies, and a proper schedule are the means that will force us to become stronger and to gather strength, instead of stagnating in the still waters of our own righteousness.

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