Is True Equality Possible?

pick_thumb.jpgUntil today humanity has been advancing by three policies:

1. Mercy, justice and peace, which it somehow managed to maintain;

2. The pressure of dictatorship, which didn’t ask people for their opinion and simply told them how to live; or

3. People were divided into slaves and masters and accepted this inequality out of hopelessness.

    Those were people’s previous ways of development, but now they have reached a demand for global equality. People feel that “Everyone must be equal!” And on one hand, this really expresses their internal vision of justice; we feel that equality is right. However, our definition of equality is wrong – we are seeking external, instead of internal equality.

    Therefore, we aim for equality between everyone in the external form, but over the last two centuries we have been finding out that external equality is a complete delusion. What we need is equality that is deeper, more internal.

    To attain it, we will have to gain awareness of the entire system of our inter-connection and return to the principle of truth, where truth means that each person obeys the laws of reality due to people’s common, global and deep knowledge of Nature.

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