How Are We To Understand The Torah?

perfect.jpgThree questions I received on the right way to interpret the Torah and other holy books:

Question: I am very confused about the “oral Torah” or The Talmud. I understand that the Torah is a gift from the Creator guiding us towards the right path in life and we are to sometimes understand the stories from the Torah on a metaphorical level, not a literal one. Then how do you explain the literal aspect of The Talmud and that it seems to have been written by Rabbis? As I understand, the priests and Sanhedrin were corrupt – which is what caused the destruction of The Temple.

My Answer: We have recently started reading The Zohar. By reading it together with us, you will also be able to see how the other holy books were written.

Question: I have been reading your posts and finding them rather interesting. As I can see from the pictures, you are Jewish, so my question is this: What does Kabbalah have to do with the religion of Moses? Is it like a manual for humans to read the Torah?

My Answer: It’s impossible to understand the Torah without Kabbalah, because on the outside, the Torah appears to be a historical tale, whereas Kabbalah reveals it to us as a method of correction and a textbook on the structure of the Upper World.

Question: In the Torah, who (or what force) was Melchizedek? And why did Abram pay tithes to him? The Torah says Melchizedek was a priest of God, but I thought Abraham was the first to discover, let alone attain, the Creator.

My Answer: Melchizedek personifies the Creator’s quality of justice. Similarly, all the characters in the Torah are not men or women, but descriptions of human qualities. Everything that is written in the Torah is describing specific, consecutive changes that happen inside a person.

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