Bring The Zohar To Life At Every Lesson

longer We have to read The Zohar over and over until the Light begins to influence us. At first people feel very inspired when reading The Zohar, and this feeling lasts for the first month or two. During this period they do not understand anything yet, but they become very inspired by whatever is happening.

Then this feeling disappears and everything begins to appear dull. When you read The Zohar, you start feeling this way very fast. All of a sudden we have nothing to hold on to in the text, and we simply read it with the understanding that this is what we need to be doing even while we feel indifferent to the material, it seems “tasteless,” and even repulsive.

The reason we feel this way is because we are being revealed an additional egoistic desire which aggravates the connections between us. The Zohar shines upon us to the extent that we connect with one another. At the very beginning we are given a connection of the points in the heart. As we begin to read The Zohar using the initial connection that was given to us, our points in the heart awaken and desire to reveal something new and unknown. The name itself, “The Zohar,” inspires us.

As we begin to read, the Surrounding Light shines upon us and helps us to raise the points in the heart above our regular egoism, leaving it beneath. This is why in the beginning we feel a connection between us and an aspiration towards a common spiritual goal. All of this happens because of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) which comes and creates this state for us.

But a month or two later, our egoistic desire grows due to the Light’s influence. On one hand, the Light causes us to be inspired, but on the other hand, our egoism becomes bigger and because of this, every person feels heavy within, as if there is a force pulling him down. There is only one thing we can do to save ourselves: increase the connection between all of us. Nothing else can help.


We need to use all the possible methods, even artificial ones, to renew this connection. If we increase this connection even slightly, then we will be able to rise above the burdening of the heart and our egoism because we will return to the connected system of creation.

We are receiving a revelation of our lack of correction and being shown how much we are separated from everyone else. When I try to oppose this separation, then the impression and inspiration from The Zohar immediately comes back. It works instantaneously! As soon as you begin to experience a feeling of heaviness, you should immediately do something to strengthen your connection with others. For example, start thinking about how much you want to unite with them and to become closer to them in order to connect your souls. This small, forced action is enough for you to immediately begin to feel the Light’s increased influence and for the to heaviness to disappear. You will then feel the same inspiration and excitement that The Zohar gave you during the first lessons.

This is how it works. You have to put all the necessary effort into it; you do not get any “discounts” in this regard. The effort lies in trying to unite among ourselves until we cry out for the Surrounding Light to come to us because only the Light can give us the inspiration and the feeling of how great The Zohar is. Then this text will suddenly come to life for us.

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