A Rock Separated From The Mountain

clip_image001It is written that the soul of a human is part of the Creator in the same way that a rock that breaks off a mountain remains part of the mountain. The Creator made one common desire through which all souls are connected together into one soul called “Adam” which is filled with the Light of Infinity. The state of this one soul is called the “World of Infinity,” and it is given to us as an example of perfection.

However, now I feel like a small particle that is separated from the other parts, or like a point within a big system. When I desire to connect with others, by giving to them and receiving from them for the sake of becoming similar to the Creator, I obtain His form and come closer to Him. If I share my love with other souls (meaning, with the other parts of the system), then I will transform from a rock into a mountain.

By connecting with others, I acquire their desires because another person’s desire can be attained only if you love him. This is why it is written, “Love your neighbor as yourself is the great rule of the Torah,” where the word “Torah” means the Upper Light which fills the whole system of souls (the Creator).

When I connect my friend’s desires to my own, we become a single whole and both of us become me. Then, through my friend, I connect with a third person and he also becomes connected to me and close to me. This is how I gradually connect with all the souls.

The bigger my connection with others, the higher my spiritual elevation. Thus, as my connection grows, I ascend the stairs of the spiritual worlds and transform from a small rock to an entire mountain.

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  1. Why is the essence of the intangable called Adam. I see Adam as allegorical, not real.
    What I’m seeking is a way of apprehending that which is beyond human comprehention.
    Perhaps better too ask, why that which is unnamable called Adam.

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