A Lever Of Transformation

control Why do I feel some Kelim as inner (myself, Galgalta Eynaim) and others as outer (the entire universe other than myself, AHP)? It is because I do not have a screen on the outer Kelim of AHP, and therefore I cannot correct these levels of desire.

I can build a screen with the intention to bestow over the “root, soul, and body,” meaning Galgalta Eynaim. Then I will feel these Kelim as my own, as they are the true Kelim of bestowal. But with the Kelim of reception, I can only attain incomplete love and bestowal.

It follows that the result of the second restriction is Malchut’s ascent to Bina. Until Bina I am filled with the Creator’s Kelim, and therefore everything joins together there: the root, the soul, and the body. I feel that I exist there because I can be clothed by Bina. Otherwise I wouldn’t even feel that I exist.

However, wherever Bina cannot clothe the “garments and palaces” (AHP), my ego reigns there instead. This explains my egoistic attitude toward the world and the hatred that exists between people.

By understanding how this system works, one acquires an instrument, a lever that enables him to change.

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