Will The Kremlin Become The Next Tower Of Babel?

concept Why did the Creator disperse the builders of the Tower of Babel? After all, they wanted to unite and build a city for themselves, so why did this result in an explosion of enmity between them? The answer is that this had to be revealed.

Even though they were able to unite, their unity could only endure for a short while because they weren’t connected to the goal, to their next degree. They took advantage of their present degree for all it was worth, just like Soviet Russia, which garnered its share of success for a period of history. It even began competing with America, but then the collapse began. Why did it happen? It’s because they had used up all the opportunities of their degree, and then they had nowhere to go.

The next step would have been to ascend upward, out of their state of forced unification and onto the next degree – unification by thought and by choice. But they did not have the strength or the means to do this. They had no way to compensate for the mature ego, the egoistic development within that system.

As people grow, the motivations of the past are no longer enough. They no longer face the evil that once forced them to unite in times of sorrow. This is why a new phase sets in and all of the past unity comes crumbling down.

This is the same thing as what once transpired in ancient Babylon. There is no future for Russia other than to attain immediate correction by utilizing the method of correction. This country is especially able to attain the goal, and it can do so faster than any other nation if only its people would adopt the goal and method of Kabbalah as their national idea.

If that were to happen, then over the course of a single generation they would succeed in building a spiritual and material empire! Theoretically, this opportunity is available to them. Otherwise, we will witness a complete collapse and disintegration of the Russian Tower of Babel.

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