Unity For The Wrong Purpose Brings Harm To The World

blaming.jpg The Zohar: The Creator said: “Here are a united people,” since they were joined as one and will therefore succeed at anything they do.

This is why the degrees were dispersed, each in a separate direction, and therefore all of these nations below were also dispersed, since they were the branches of those degrees.

It is written: “The Creator dispersed them from that place,” the Creator carried out judgment in their upper roots, and the branches followed.

If people collectively choose the wrong path and unite their worst qualities, they can achieve temporary success, since any kind of unity leads to the nullification of one’s ego for the sake of others. This is one way to implement spiritual properties because it is a step towards unity, towards bestowal among each other for the sake of the collective egoism. Even though this unity is done in order to harm anyone who is “outside” – the Creator, nevertheless the act of unity itself brings them partial success.

We have witnessed the experiments of trying to build socialism in Russia and in Israeli kibbutzim. Why didn’t they succeed if the ideas behind them were so good? It was because they were doing “good things” as a means to build their “unified, egoistic tower, reaching to heaven, but against the Creator.” The goal was still “against” someone, instead of a complete destruction of egoism in order to attain the properties of bestowal and love. It was merely a partial unity among members of a group, or among all the people against the Creator.

This is why the full scale of the ego, which is in need of correction, was not discovered initially; only a part of it was known. That’s what led to the idea that we can cope with everything on our own, without the Creator. However, it soon became clear that their ego was bigger than they thought and so they continued to forcefully “correct” it until their civilization collapsed.

Our time is the time of individual egoism. Even two egoists are unable to form a natural unity, a family, not to mention any other types of union. Everything simply disintegrates. We see that no matter how much we want to unite various countries and diverse groups of people, or to have them act together in order to do good in the world, all our attempts fail. And they will continue to fail.

The Zohar gives us advance warning about this, telling us that when we start our spiritual journey we have to establish the right goal: to attain similar properties with the Creator in order to unite with Him.

If, from the very beginning, our goal is to build then it’s no surprise that our unity will only hurt us and we will not succeed. We have already seen examples of this in our world. Let’s hope that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, like the “wise men” who meet at international conferences such as the “G20 summits” and the climate summit, aiming to bring prosperity to the world. They won’t succeed. The only question is: how many towers will they have to build and see ruined before they understand the reason for their failures?

If we don’t pursue the right goal, then any attempt at unity in our world will fail and bring more harm.

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  1. the unity must be for all humainty at the same time, even the very poor, homeless and hungry all together, every body, all people on the planet. and to unite with god so he would bless us rather than dissperse us.

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