The Zohar Lets Us Touch Something Truly Great

wordsWhen I read The Book of Zohar, I want to connect to the Creator as much as possible and to “There is none else besides Him.” All of the characters I read about are living inside me, such as Bilam, Balak, and Noah; my thoughts are the waters of the flood, and the Creator is one of my inner qualities which tells me, “Go hide in the ark, the quality of bestowal! In order to increase the force of bestowal in you, Noah, I will drown the whole world, all your other egoistic desires. But I will let you, your only righteous desire, live, in order to increase and strengthen it – and to make you the progenitor of the descendants on earth (the desire).” I want to feel all of these qualities, desires, and impressions, and to sense that they are incredibly important and lofty, burning inside me.

Even though The Book of Zohar does not awaken powerful sensations inside me yet, nevertheless while reading this book, I want all of us together to feel that we are touching something great, similar to how people used to hold their breath while thinking of infinite cosmic spaces, far away stars and galaxies. Try to feel how you are being immersed in a raging sea of sensations inside you. An entire drama is being played out there.

But if you remain numb, then the friends have to awaken you! In our world it is very easy to make yourself feel and worry about something. All you have to do is read the details of a cruel crime or look at pictures. But here you have to make efforts in order to awaken feelings inside. This is exactly what we have to do. I have to organize myself and my environment so that I will go from being indifferent to being lovesick! This is my only desire: to connect and to love!

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  1. Dear Rav.
    How can I love others, if I cannot even love myself?
    Please help!

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