Difficulties Are Given Only To The Strong

uptous A question I received: It seems like correction has to be an active action, but we are just reading The Zohar and that’s all. What do we have to overcome here?

My Answer: All the corrections are done by the Light, not by you. You only overcome the alien thoughts that impede you from demanding the Creator’s revelation, which is necessary for you to become like Him.

If you were not bothered by alien thoughts while we were reading the chapter about the flood in The Zohar, then you are still not ready to overcome these thoughts. When you become a righteous man, you will feel how “the waters of the flood” are rising up against your righteousness, trying to throw you off the path and engulf you in egoism.

It’s worth your while to stop and think about why these distracting thoughts are not emerging in you. This doesn’t mean that you have to seek them out on purpose now, but if you try to be righteous, you will understand how much of a sinner you still are.

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