Our World Is Painted By A Magnificent Artist

infinity I see reality with the help of forces that depict the whole world to me like a movie playing  on a screen in my brain,. These pictures are three-dimensional, animated, and sensual. At least that is how I perceive them and the kind of impression they make on me. However, in actuality they are just forces or desires.

At the end of the day, I am the one that perceives everything. I perceive the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels within my desire. All these forms are within me, on different levels of my desire. I perceive the inanimate nature in my inanimate desire, vegetative nature in my vegetative desire, and so on.

The Creator’s force depicts various forms within my desire, and I perceive them as my world. This force depicts the world within me, on the screen in my mind. This force that draws the world for me is the force of bestowal, the Creator’s force. I receive all the forms from Him, the Giver.

There are forms that are similar to Him and others that are opposite to Him. Altogether they constitute my world. This is why this world is so multifaceted and the reason that I see all kinds of objects within it. There is something positive and something negative in each object. Where does this come from? It’s because the Creator clothes into matter and creates all these forms within me, which are imprinted on the four levels of my matter – the desire to enjoy. In this manner He gradually teaches me the matter and the form of the matter (Haskala Homrit and Haskala Tzuratit).

This world that I see, with its multitude of forms, was given to me by the Creator. This is how He illustrates the world to me within my matter. The world that appears before me is the Creator’s form, but relative to me and according to my state. The matter is mine, and the form is His. This is why I can attain the Creator from within myself.

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