Even A Chunk Of Wood Knows What It Wants

Why Didn't the Monkeys Come Down from the Trees A question I received: There are different materials in nature: metal, wood, stone, and others, and they are all completely passive. As I see it, they are all inanimate. However, desire is something more active. Why then do you call them desires?

My Answer: A pencil is made of wood, and wood desires to maintain its form or structure – the connection between the atoms. If you try to do something to it, you will see that it does not wish to give in to your changes; it tries to maintain its form and resists. You need to put in lots of effort in order to break it, meaning, to break its desire to stand guard over itself and to self-preserve.

This material is a force. By measuring certain parameters of this material, you measure its force of resistance to external influences. You will need to apply additional force in order to change its qualities and state. This is called desire or matter.

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