Good And Evil Are Imprints Of The Creator Inside Us

What Do Villains and Prophets Have to Do With Bnei Baruch's Virtual Group A question I received: What is matter?

My Answer: Matter is desire, and this is the only thing that exists. Everything else is an imprint of the Giver in this desire. A negative imprint is the reverse side of the Giver, and it is called “the evil inclination.” A positive imprint, which we create, as though turning a glove inside out, is “the good inclination.” However, the “beginning,” the foundation of everything, is the matter, the desire.

The foundation can be either evil or good – Yetzer Ra or Yetzer Tov, where Yetzer is desire, Tov – good, and Ra – evil. The Creator created the desire, Yetzer. A reverse imprint of the Creator in the desire is Ra, evil. An imprint similar to Him is Tov, good. Our task is to feel these two possible states within us, and from them, a whole new world will form inside us.

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