We Imagine Bestowal Relative To The Environment Of The Group

We Must Only Unite Our Points In the HeartA question I received: How can I imagine myself in bestowal?

My Answer: Only with the help of the environment. There is no other way. We’ve been given a truly miraculous instrument from Above. In this world, on every spiritual degree, and in each state, we have “us versus the environment.” That’s why even before the appearance of this world and the inclusion of humans, there was a breaking, a division of the souls and the emergence of individual bodies.

We are unable to picture an image of the Upper One ourselves, since we don’t have anything within us that is similar to Him. In the same dimension where we exist right now, in our world, there’s “us” and the “environment.”  On the basis of the relationships between each of us and the environment, we can then build the relationship between ourselves and the Upper One. The principle of assembling among us the model of connecting with the Creator, is called “from love for the created beings” to “love for the Creator.”

By overcoming the egoism within us, by putting the importance of attaining the quality of bestowal above our quality of reception, and by working on these relationships within the group (the connection between the points in the heart of our friends), we create the quality of bestowal within us. To the measure of the desire that the Upper One grants us, we sense the Creator by experiencing the attribute of bestowal within ourselves.

Here we can understand the need for the breaking of the universal soul. If it were not for this breaking into individual souls, none of us would be able to create the desire to attain the quality of bestowal on our level, nor to bring upon us the effect of the Light of Correction.

By verifying everything relative to the environment (points in the heart), it becomes clear to us how we relate to the Creator, to the Upper Degree. We cannot sense it, but we can prepare ourselves for its attainment.

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