Learning To Sail Together In One Boat

Is the Bermuda Triangle Myth or RealityWe all are in one boat, but we just don’t feel yet to what extent each of us influences our common fate. This is the whole issue. In our global world, it doesn’t matter if a criminal is far away from me or close by! In the integral system, all are equal and the most distant person from me is equivalent to the person closest to me. We’re all in the same boat.

We don’t see this integrated net as yet, but we are approaching its revelation. Soon we will feel that there is no concept of people being close or distant or that there are people on whom we depend more or less, because absolutely all people influence us in equal measure.

Action precedes recognition of this fact because we live in a world of actions. This is why when something happens I say, “Oh,” only after something has happened. Then I forget and repeat the same mistake, and again yell, “Oh!” After a whole series of exclaiming, “Oh-Oh-Oh!” I finally begin to think, “What could be the reason for these things happening? This was probably not an accident!”

How much more time will pass before humanity finally ponders about the reasons for all that is happening? How long will it take before all of humanity will want to understand that peace in society, peace for all of humanity and peace for each individual are completely dependent on each other?

Much like how I depend on my kids, my spouse, my parents, or those people who are the closest to me – today I depend on every person in the world the same way. The truth is, I depend on these other people to an even more significant degree!

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