The Soul Is Ageless

Laitman_2009-07-24_0521_wTwo questions I received that relate to a soul’s age:

Question: Why do innocent children have cancer, AIDS or other incurable diseases? Is this not injustice from the Creator?

My Answer: The same souls are present in all  people. In addition, the souls have no age.

Question: What is the purpose of a baby dying or having a severe disease? Does the soul gain experience from it and is there any meaning in it?

My Answer: A soul has no age. All souls have been born together in the shattering of one soul. This is why only bodies have different ages, but there is no preference given to a baby over an old man.

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  1. Your english department has provided me with a good answer which gave me a better perspective:

    “We can only answer such question or accept an answer if we can step out of the emotions of such scenario for a while, and look at our life as if it was a movie we play a part in. And the director of the movie has a specific purpose for which he takes us through certain situations. But we have the option of changing the part we play, or even the whole movie, provided we make contact with the director. The closer we get to the director the more we understand that all the scenes of the movie were necessary, and although they looked real they were just part of the movie, and that there is a happy ending for all the actors involved.”

    Thank you,

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