The Wisdom Of Uniting Everything Within One Root

oneroot It is written, “The Creator created man to be forthright, but people came up with many calculations.” It seems to us that the world is so huge and multifaceted, but that is only because we cannot unite everything within one root and we’re dispersed among various desires. We perform many calculations while searching for different things that can help us gain power and derive pleasure.

Yet when we begin to concentrate all of this within one root, which is to give to Him, we come to one simple principle. We begin to focus everything on one goal, which is to “Reveal the Only One that Bestows.”

This revelation occurs by the principle of similarity, where a person has to build an inner system making all his numerous desires and thoughts follow one simple principle: “There is nothing but bestowal!” Finding the quality of bestowal inside oneself means revealing the Creator. The problem lies in the fact that it is impossible to abandon the numerous calculations and aspire to this one principle, to the only One that Bestows.

However, as a consequence of one’s efforts, a person begins to understand that all the obstacles are meant to help him. They emerge only so that through them, a person would direct himself to the true goal.

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