The Interferences That Come Our Way Are Help From Above

closer.jpg If we search for the revelation of the spiritual world in the right place – in the connection we build between us, and if that is where we wish to reveal the Creator, then we will demand this connection and it will be revealed to us. On the other hand, if we don’t focus on this goal alone, then we are engaged in a multitude of calculations, and thus we will advance in all possible directions except in the direction of the truth.

But there’s a catch: Even when you try to hold onto just this one direction, various interferences begin to show up, throwing you off aim and trying to distract you with other goals. This happens in order to show you the areas where you lack the precision and sensitivity to keep the right aim. The interferences work to constantly raise your sensitivity, helping you to be directed more precisely toward the right point, rather than just “toward the sky.”

All the various calculations we make are egoistic desires of this world, such as for money, honor, power, and knowledge. These are the various interferences that constantly come to us, and when they do, we should strive not to lose sight of the goal behind them all. We should try to make the goal out through the fog and the derangement of feelings. We will then see that this whole confusion was created for our own benefit.

Our egoism is help against “us” – against our egoistic selves. Therefore, when we change and acquire the quality of bestowal, the interferences will vanish. During the period when spirituality is concealed, there is no other force to help us besides egoism, which directs us toward the goal (the Creator) through interferences.

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