The Point In The Heart Is The Reference Point In Our Lives

Laitman_2009-08_2934 A question I received: I consist wholly of the desire to enjoy. Then who within me is observing the twists and turns of this desire from the side?

My Answer: Indeed, if I am a desire to enjoy, I can only compare the intensity of its particular manifestations.

However, if I have a “point in the heart,” the embryo of my soul, the Creator’s part from Above, a particle of the desire to bestow, a grain of truth – it is precisely against this point that I begin to appraise and systemize everything else. I then find myself incapable of agreeing to anything if it bears no relation to it.

One comes to Kabbalah with a point in the heart, which becomes a reference point for his entire life. He no longer plunges into comparative calculations of egoistic desires, no longer strives for maximum profit with respect to money, fame, power and all the other “blessings” of this world. No, now he checks everything against the truth – the spiritual point that had awakened within him.

This leads one to a new level, which carries with it new expectations. After all, now he feels that without the method of Kabbalah he is unable to develop his point and include everything else inside it. This point now becomes his touchstone and the standard by which all his desires are assessed.

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  1. Rav. Laitman… when you say that we should read the Zohar, are you talking about the 21 volumens or are you taking about the Annotation of Yashlag comentary ?

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