The Desires Of Others Make Up The Vessel Of My Soul

profit A question I received: How does love of others transition to love of the Creator?

My Answer: There is no transition. Love of the Creator does not put an end to love of others; it’s just that the system of connections among all desires in the universe becomes revealed to me and within me.

But this system is me as well. The concept of “another” stops being “outside” and is discovered “inside,” as part of me. In the World of Infinity, we were all one single desire, which then descended along the spiritual degrees as the desires became distanced from one another. That is how all the people in the world feel now.

We think that we are different and distant from one another. But as I correct myself towards unity, I discover the truth: that we are all part of one system. And the fact that I used to perceive us as disconnected was simply an error on my part. From unconsciousness I revive myself to consciousness and become aware of this wholeness. Nothing at all changes except for my outlook, attitude and perception, as I discover that there is no “I,” but only “we.”

“Others are part of my soul” isn’t just some lofty rhetoric. As I clamber out of my present self, I discover my soul existing in all the external desires. After all, the soul lives outside of me, since the soul is the desires of “others,” and within these desires, I discover the spiritual me and my eternal state.

Presently my perception of self is imaginary, a sham. However, as I discover the desires of others, I suddenly realize that these desires are mine, that they are my soul. Whereas previously I was being shown a “movie,” showing me that I existed in a body that I must care for.

It follows that my true desires are outside of me. They make up the vessel of my soul, and the Light that fills them, the Light of the soul – is the Creator.

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