Slowing Our Spiritual Progress Causes The World To Suffer

threat Аt first glance, it seems that not all of my properties are equally useful and I would gladly get rid of some of them. But we only feel this way because we don’t know how to use them correctly.

Even after correction is complete, a person retains all his original traits. All we can do is to use them in different ways. This is what the methodology of correction, Kabbalah, is all about. We don’t destroy creation, and in fact it’s prohibited to obliterate, ruin or diminish our properties since they are created by the Light and only the Light can alter them in the proper way.

As we advance spiritually, we develop qualities and desires that are even more negative and despicable, but this is actually a reason to rejoice, because it’s proof that we are making progress and that we have enough strength to complete correction. That is where free choice lies – in accelerating the process of correction before being hit with negative events that would force correction upon us.

At this very moment you should come to understand the meaning behind everything that happens with you, and start using all the resources at your disposal (the teacher, the group and the books) to attract the Light, the force that will transform you. If you don’t take this initiative yourself, you’ll be pressured into it by external crises and events.

One way or another you’ll reach the end of correction. The wisdom of Kabbalah simply allows you to move forward in a way that avoids shocks and allows you to anticipate and avoid negative events. If you slow down this tempo of correction, you get hit. The strength of the hit you receive directly corresponds to how much you’ve slowed your progress. This is the sole cause of suffering in the world.

Only the greatness of the goal pushes all the temporary and fleeting things in our lives down our list of priorities. You’ll come to realize that the goal is so superior that even the shocks that destiny gives us on our way towards the goal are of no importance.

The point at which you’ll stop sensing the blows or shocks altogether is reached by rising above your egoism and learning how to use every one of your desires in order to achieve maximum bestowal, rather than trying to minimize the shocks you receive.

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  1. Dear Rav, As you said, a person will feel worse and more egoistical as he or she progresses with the group. I want to ask you this question: What is that horrible feeling of complete “emptiness” that I feel even though I study, and do everything with the group? It is not depression but just that feeling I have never ever before felt. Is it a good sign? Since the objective is to be filled. I hope you will understand.

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