Making A Phone Call To The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: How do you know the answers to all the questions?

My Answer: I have a special “phone” that I use to dial “Above” and get the answers. This “phone” connects the lower world to the Upper World, the lower one with the Higher One. In our world, if I don’t know something, I go to my mom, my dad, the teacher, or to anyone who will answer me. In the spiritual world, however, you have to look for the answers only from Above – you won’t even find them in the book. You have to try to feel them inside yourself because this is where you will connect with the Upper One, who has all the answers.

Each question arises in us as a feeling of emptiness. If I feel emptiness, it means I have a question. If the emptiness becomes filled, that means I have received the answer. If the question is about something that is beyond our world, then the answer is felt in the form of “the Light from Above.”

To “call Above” means I raise my question to the Upper One. My question to Him is called “a prayer.” I ask for the answer, and if I really want to know, then I receive the answer and it fills me. I feel it inside.

How do I answer your question on my “phone?” For example, you ask, “Mommy, can I have ice cream?” Your mother doesn’t want ice cream herself, but she takes your desire, goes to the store, buys the ice cream and gives it to you. Hence, she takes your desire to the store.

I do the same. I listen to your question and accept it inside myself in order to feel it as my own. Then I raise it “Above,” the same as a mommy does when she goes for the ice cream. I then receive the answer from Above and give it to you.

Thus, if I want to hear the question that a person is asking, I need to love him and take his desire as my own, raise it “Above,” receive the answer and give the answer to the person asking the question.

If a person has the ability to do this, then he can receive answers to all questions.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the Eurasian Congress)

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman;
    This is a great analogy for children. Would adults benefit from it as well?

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