A Merciful Tsunami Sent By The Creator

russia2 We are living in an age when one way or another, everyone must reveal the Creator and rise above their egoism. This is a collective process where everyone will have to rise above their egoism and no one will be able to remain in the egoistic state.

Our world is no longer divided into separate nations because the awakening is happening globally. Initially this will happen through suffering, and later on – by our voluntary aspiration upward. It’s a wave-like movement that will eventually absorb every one of us. While the process of awakening unfolds, the waves collide due to interference, bringing about side effects.

Changes will occur suddenly and rapidly. The world today is like a volcano that is ready to erupt at any moment. Under these conditions, moments of silence should only alert us even more.

Finding the most attractive way to explain to people what is happening will help humankind to make the transition from the egoistic way of existence to global relationships and connections. That is why disseminating Kabbalah is so important. It is our duty, because that is the only way the world can avoid years of suffering, much like labor pains.

If we gain awareness of the current situation, we will be able to change our attitude to what is happening. We will then discover that the Creator is already with us and is showing us that our world is merely the opposite side of the spiritual world. But the transition to the spiritual world depends entirely on our decision to alter our egoistic mind-set to its opposite.

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  1. Does the Zohar mention what percentage of the worlds population must be corrected so that we reach a “check point” and not have to worry about major suffering like war? It seams that the ones who need to be corrected the most are those who have bombs and lack compassion.

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