We Are Living In The Era Of Spiritual Liberation

rock Our time is the era of liberation from egoism, an age when the Creator is being revealed to us. We have to act as if that revelation could happen at any given moment, because no matter how far ahead we plan this event, the spiritual act always happens spontaneously.

The moment before the exodus from Egypt, no one thought it was possible. The Creator suddenly said: “It will happen tonight!” And you will be immediately submerged into the darkness and have to run.

The “Egyptian darkness” is a qualitative concept that symbolizes the absence of the Creator; it has nothing to do with physical suffering. Physical pain and suffering serve only as a precursor to awaken us from our egoistic struggle and competition, and elevate our thoughts above our material lives.

But can suffering really awaken the human being in us and cause us to understand what is happening to us and where fate is leading us? The fact is that we need Kabbalah in order to reach this realization. Without it, we will continue to suffer for decades before we understand the true reason and purpose for our troubles. This is why the dissemination of Kabbalah is so important.

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