How The Book Of Zohar Refocuses Our Vision

prophet The Book of Zohar explains your relationship with the Creator, which is the only thing you have to learn about. The only things existing in our entire reality are the Creator and the creature, and they are the only things that The Book of Zohar speaks of.

Even in our regular lives, where the picture of this world prevents us from seeing the truth (that the Creator and you are the only things in existence), everything around you is actually your relationship with the Creator, although this is not yet apparent to you. There is nothing else besides the Creator and the creature.

Although there are no images in spirituality, The Zohar first takes us into what seems like “corporeal” situations, telling us about actions and images well known to us in this world. But then, The Zohar begins to explain what happens behind the scenes of this picture – what happens to forces, desires and qualities on a higher, parallel level. In this way, we are gradually trained to discern the higher “images” or qualities, and to see everything as our relationship with the Creator.

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