Plant Your Spiritual Seed In A Blessed Field

naive Only the environment can instill the importance of the goal and of spirituality in you. This is the only thing you should demand from the environment: the importance of the quality of bestowal which you wish to feel inside. When you do, you will reveal the Creator. This constitutes our work and the purpose of our existence in this world.

It seems to us that this revelation will occur somewhere far away, outside of us, but actually it occurs inside each of us. Later on you will see that everything has already occurred – all the spiritual actions that are described in books and all the worlds, starting from the World of Infinity to our world; all of this already exists within you. It is all contained in that tiny grain of desire which brought you to begin studying Kabbalah. In fact, this grain encompasses the whole world, all the degrees of the spiritual worlds’ expansion from above downwards, and all the spiritual qualities. They don’t exist anywhere else but in you; the whole revelation occurs inside of you, never outside.

However, in order to feel this, you need the right environment. You have to plant your seed in good soil and make sure that it doesn’t dry up or rot!

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