Our Ego Is Like A Black Hole

zambia A question I received: Could an analogy be drawn between spirituality and black holes which irrevocably consume all matter?

My Answer: All astronomic phenomena are derivatives of the created desire on the still level. That’s precisely why they exist on such a giant scale. Even the vegetative level of nature, which follows right after the still, is incomparable to the vastness of the universe.

The still level of matter and desire require quantitative might as compared with the higher, vegetative level. This disparity only underlines the qualitative difference between the two degrees of nature, the still and the vegetative.

As far as the black holes go, they are just like our ego – a desire to enjoy that wants to consume the whole world. We are yet to see that the entire picture of the universe is formed within us. That will be the meeting point between physics and Kabbalah.

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