Learning To Walk In The Spiritual World

What Will Help Us Along the Way When we teach a baby to walk, we stand him on his feet and encourage him to take a step, then another, and so on. But with regard to our spiritual development, we are unable to take even one step on our own. The Creator places us on our feet and holds us up so we would be able to walk, but we get scared and don’t understand anything. We are left simply unable to take even one step forward!

And that is for the reason that every step forward in spirituality goes against our nature, and therefore we don’t understand how to take it. There are no efforts that can help in this regard. The only thing left to do is to ask the Creator to show us how to do it and to give us the mind and strength to act as He does.

So, all we have to do is ask Him! The Creator doesn’t need us to carry out any actions on our own. What He needs is for us to understand that we have to learn from Him about how to become similar to Him. He wants us to ask Him for help because then we will have a connection with Him.

Throughout the entire path that we have to transverse, we are never able to take even one step forward on our own. That’s because every step takes us higher, into a new world, and that is something we don’t have a desire for; and we also lack the necessary screen and Light.

We only discover new states and find ourselves facing a dilemma: run back where we came from, to our earthly lives, or ask the Creator to take us forward? Everything else we need to advance has already been prepared from Above – everything besides your request!

But it’s really not so easy getting to that point of making that request. It seems simple, but this is where everyone gets stuck.

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