Just Ask, And You Will Receive

explainA question I received: What should I do if I want to ask the Upper Light which created me with the will to receive to also give me the quality of bestowal, if I don’t know how to ask for this – I don’t know whom to ask and what to ask for?

My Answer: Our development always follows a chain of causes and effects: cause -> action -> outcome, which then becomes the cause -> for the next action -> and so on. So, a person who reaches a true realization that he needs help from Above knows how to ask and what to ask for!

The problem is that we spend a long time in a state where we “seem” to strive toward something that “seems” spiritual, and it “seems” like we really want it with a burning desire. However, for now, it all just “seems” to be this way. This is why we don’t know how to ask and of whom to ask it. But in essence, we don’t know how to open up the Kabbalah book and find the Light that Reforms there.

This can be exemplified with a three-dimensional image. If you look at the picture superficially, as you would at any other picture, then you won’t see anything. But if you defocus your vision, then you will penetrate into the image.

The same applies in our spiritual work of revealing the Upper World. As a result of making many efforts, your vision will be refocused in a new way. You will be looking at this world, and all of a sudden you will penetrate into it. This should come as a result -> of all your previous actions.

However, as to your current complaints: “Why am I screaming and being ignored!?” It’s simply because you are not really screaming yet. When your pleas turn into a real cry, it will immediately become the cause that leads to the outcome -> the revelation of the spiritual world.


  1. If we are in the box and we only feel through our five senses, but it’s not the real thing then how do we see or feel other people or souls? Or better yet whose world are we living in?

  2. Dr. Laitman,

    Can one convert to Judaism out of a desire to join the Jewish people and still progress studying the wisdom of Kabbalah? I understand that Kabbalah stands alone as a science without the Jewish religion and one is not required to be Jewish to study, but I have always thought of joining the Jewish people. Will this affect my study? If so how?

    May the Creator bless you in all that you do

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