Who Is Your Friend In A Kabbalistic Group?

mans-relationship-with-the-creator-is-like-a-dramatic-love-story1A question I received from my student: You say that one should treat one’s friend in the group as a child, with love and without judgment. We have to rise to a higher level of understanding and see that the most important thing is to treat our friends by the principle of “love your friend as yourself.”

But does this mean that we have to ignore insults from our “friends” and refrain from reproaching them even when their actions cause moral and physical harm to us? Every time this happens to me, I want to resolve the situation and I feel as if that person is not my friend. Or, in cases like this, should I just put a distance between myself and that person in order to avoid the negative feelings, even though we both study Kabbalah?

My Answer: Rabash wrote that if you sincerely attempted to resolve the situation with that person, and your attempts failed, then you should leave him alone and act as if you don’t notice him. You have to wait for that person to mature, and when he does, he will become your friend. Keeping this attitude should help you!

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