True Bestowal Is When We Come Out Of Ourselves (Advanced)

A Reshimo Is One's Complete Future StateA question I received from my student: The desire “to bestow to others” also implies an egoistic desire to receive something for oneself, because “I want” to bestow. So is this really bestowal?

My Answer: The desire to bestow is not related to one’s regular desires. However, “giving to others” as most people understood it today, is not a desire to bestow at all, because this is the same egoistic desire for pleasure, which simply appears as if it is being used for the sake of another person.

This is why a desire to bestow directly to another person does not exist in Nature. It is impossible, because it is equivalent to coming out of oneself.

So what are we to do? We have to try to “come out of ourselves.” If a person makes this attempt, he will reach the understanding that only the Creator can do this for him. And then he will reveal the Creator!

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  1. The Creator is “General Nature”as Rav has replied to another question.

  2. Question:

    What does it mean to come out of oneself?-
    to ignore self interest and think and do only what is good for another?
    thank you

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