The Stable Financial Situation In The US Is Deceptive

deceptiveA question I received: I don’t understand you when you say there’s a crisis. In Detroit, for example, even though the factories closed down and stopped manufacturing cars, people started growing their own cabbages and vegetables on city lots. They got used to the new conditions and adapted to them. So, why do you say there’s a crisis?

My Answer: People are feeling a false sense of calmness, which has been “manufactured” in agreement with the banks and other systems. It’s all being done to save President Obama’s image, since he just came to power. The current crisis is being masked by artificial means, but it won’t take long for the next crisis to unfold.

What does it really mean that people have gotten used to the situation and are growing vegetables now? The news will even tell you that the President’s wife is growing vegetables at the White House. All of this is clever and deceitful advertising, leading us to believe that everything is getting back to normal. However, the reality is that nothing can be done about the crisis and no one knows how to stop it. The only thing people can do about it is to hush it up for the time being.

And this is what is being done: more money is being printed and the national debt is increasing. But the people in power cannot go on like this for very long. People will soon see the truth and will realize that we haven’t even entered the real crisis yet. All that has happened thus far is not the real crisis yet; it is still ahead of us. So far, our problems have been mere bubbles created by the financial industry, which continue to grow bigger and bigger.

The only thing to do is to let the events unfold gradually, and to lower our standard of living little by little in an effort to prevent the crisis from hitting us abruptly, as a sudden, terrible blow that will bring about war and destruction. People can get used to anything: for example, they can get used to working just once a week and earning a quarter of their past salaries.  What should not happen is being thwarted with one powerful blow, and instead to ease down slowly. There is no one who knows how to how to avoid the coming fall entirely. It is clear to everyone that the measures being taken at present are like a feast during a plague, and that eventually, we will have to pay for everything.

The fact is that corporations are not producing anything and the layoffs are continuing. Everything’s going downhill. Yet, we are still seeing a picture of prosperity, like a display window at a shop that looks as attractive as usual, or even more so. Yet, inside the shop, all the products have expired long ago. People can’t put enough food on the table with what they make, and everything is dependent on the growing debt.

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