Bestowal To Others Is The Perfect Fulfillment

bestowal1A question I received: If the world reaches a point where everyone will have the average living standard and no one will live beyond this standard, then what will drive people to develop further? What will cause people to move forward in their development?

My Answer: If a person feels pleasure from bestowing to others, if he feels that by uniting with others they create a single vessel, inside of which he senses the Upper Force (the Creator), then the ever-increasing attainment of the Creator that he feels will be his goal and reward. When a person builds the “human” level within by bestowing to others, he corrects his attitude toward them, and this makes him similar to the Creator. Thus, he ascends along 125 spiritual steps to the Final Correction.

When he ascends spiritually, he feels satisfaction and fulfillment, and thus comes closer to the Creator. The fulfillment he feels from this is perfect. It is not temporary and transient, but eternal. It fulfills a person completely, leaving no voids. Moreover, one continuously gains new possibilities for even greater types of fulfillment.

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