Is There Such A Thing As A Formula For Happiness?


Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (from The Daily Mail): A psychologist has come up with a formula based on friendships, weather and holidays… Dr Cliff Arnall said the joys of spending time with friends and loved ones, appreciating nature in the sunshine and looking forward to the weekend and time off work combine to be at their strongest today… Dr Arnall said. “The most important things in our lives are our relationships – and no amount of money can buy that,” he added… According to his complicated algebraic formula, happiness equals O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He.
O means being outdoors, N is nature and S stands for social interaction. Memories of childhood summers are represented by Cpm, temperature by T and excitement about holidays by He.

My Comment: This is only the case if I am an animal. But if I desire more, if my egoism grows at a faster rate than when I was a child, and I cannot satiate it no matter what I do – then the happiness formula won’t work. Both millionaires and paupers will remain miserable. The doctor’s prescription won’t work!

Happiness is when a desire is being fulfilled. But if my desire grows and demands fulfillment which is greater than the sum of the formula, then what am I to do, doc?

In fact, man’s desire does outgrow this world – and it can only be fulfilled with the sensation of the purpose of life, its eternal harmony. This desire is being revealed in us as we speak! We were programmed this way! While the true remedy lies in revealing eternal life, all that doctors can do is hand out sedatives and anti-depressants.

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