Realizing The True Essence of Religion

massiveNews Report (translated from Cursorinfo): In a survey of Russian immigrants in Israel, 75% feel that Orthodox Jews are meddling with their lives. The majority of respondents are of the opinion that religion and government in Israel should be separated. The pressure and limitations imposed by the religious interests only intensify the hatred for the Orthodox and deepen the schism between the secular and religious groups.
My Comment: The following steps are necessary to completely separate religion from government:  Do away with all compulsory religion-driven conditions and laws, and form a joint institute of secular-religious consensus. By practicing love of others (love thy neighbor is the main rule of the Torah!), the Orthodox will ensure that religion is understood and accepted, and not hated as it is today. Their current behavior reveals the avarice of religious institutions and their opposition to the commandment of love of others. As with all the other commandments, they stole it from Kabbalah, though they don’t have the means to actualize it – the Upper Force.

Musings on true religion: To be religious is to act for the benefit of others. Because that is the nature of the Creator, everybody must achieve such an attitude toward others. The mission of a religious person is to help others become like that.

A person is considered religious when he develops that kind of attitude toward others, and not because of any rituals. Ritualistic behavior alone denigrates the Creator and religion in the eyes of the non-religious by giving the non-religious the wrong perception of the purpose of religion. See Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.”

There is only one religion – Kabbalah. All earthly religions are formations of egoism, with their purposes being absolutely egoistic. All religions separate and control people, whereas the essence of religion must be to eradicate the egoism within man!

Religion must create the conditions wherein man could turn himself over, just as soil is turned over when it’s being plowed. Religion must create an environment that would force everybody to change their mentality and values. “Force” because otherwise man cannot change himself, no matter how hard he tries.

One of the primary intents of religion is to put everyone on the same level, regardless of religious title, social or economic status – be it king or slave, rich or poor – everyone is equal. Man is judged solely on his love of others, and not by his adherence to rituals.

A religious person cannot possibly despise others (non-religious, people of other faiths or ethnic backgrounds). The ruin of religion is that people begin to exalt it, and in so doing exalt themselves through association. Thus religion turns into another form of power!

Religion is one’s personal link to the Creator which stems from the feeling of merging with all of humanity. That is why religion is a personal and private matter, and ought not be subjected to outside evaluation.

The mission of a religious person is to inject the sensation of the Creator, the Upper life into our world.

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  1. Rabbi your wisdom is enlightening…….you can put into words how I feel and what I am sensing deep within my soul……keep it coming…..thanks.

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