A Life Free Of Excess Is To Everyone’s Benefit

desiresA question I received: If a person tries to realize the principle of love for the neighbor right now, he will feel like a sheep in a pack of wolves. Where can he find adherents to support him?

My Answer: Why would he feel like a sheep in a pack of wolves? If a person opens a business without the intention of making additional profit, he will cover all his overhead expenses, expenses for the salaries of his workers, – everything except additional income, which is of no benefit to anyone for the vital necessities of life.

Therefore, he lowers the previously established price of his goods and offers people the goods at a price that is 10 or even up to 30 percent cheaper than what others sell them for.

Businesses, which don’t place receiving a profit as the primary goal will flourish, and this is not considered to be a “sheep in a pack of wolves” in any way. You are the owner of a business you live a normal life and receive a salary, like all of your employees.

We all need to cover expenses, including establishing a retirement fund, paying for medical insurance, and so on. We should live normal lives, go on vacation, and have everything that is necessary; we just don’t have anything in excess because we don’t need it. Let everyone else equalize to us at the expense of our surplus.

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  1. What you are describing sounds like the non profit model, and it works just fine! Corporate society is often resentful because they think we are parasitic on their business model, but, as someone who has worked in the NP sector for almost 20 years, I can offer that the non profit sector actually stabilizes society enough so that people can do business at all. Some NP organizations get grants and follow through with a job or service whereas others, for example, gov’t employees, do their work and receive a paycheck 2 weeks later. Its a crazy way of re-thinking things, but, I agree with your vision.

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