The Economic Crisis Is Actually A Lack Of Upper Light

israelWhen a person feels that he is enslaved by his ego, this feeling is called “exile.” Exile is when one feels pressure in his life, almost like labor contractions, which happen in order to go from this life to the Upper Life.

Today, as we watch all the troubles pouring down on humanity, we should understand that this feeling of universal exile will soon spread throughout the whole world and will be expressed inside every person. This will happen gradually, because it will happen to a huge mass of people, each at his individual level of development and his own mentality. People may own everything they could possibly want, but when the egoistic desire to receive pleasure grows in each person, everyone will begin to experience a horrible depression, darkness, and dissatisfaction in life. Meantime, the blows hitting us will become more and more qualitative.

However, these blows will not leave us without work or food. On the contrary, they will occur on the mental level. A person will have no means to revitalize himself, and will constantly feel dissatisfied, verging on despair.

Maybe it seems to us that all the problems pouring down on us now are happening on the material level. But later we will reveal that, in actuality, they are spiritual problems. After all, the goal of creation is to advance everyone to similarity to the Creator.

If a “point in the heart” – a desire for spirituality (bestowal, not to be confused with other definitions of “spirituality”) has not yet awakened in a person, he understands everything taking place only through the existence of his physical body: food, family, the state of society, and so on. Thus, he is unable to recognize that these are spiritual problems.

Even if the pleasure a person lacks is spiritual, he is incapable of understanding that this is what he lacks. It is only when something bad happens to him in the corporeal life that he begins to understand that he feels bad because he lacks spirituality. This is how egoism gradually develops in us along four stages, where the animate stage gives rise to the spiritual one.

This is why the whole world is in a state of an economic crisis. Why is the crisis economic in particular? What does all of this have to do with the economy? The fact of the matter is that this is precisely the language that we all understand. But in actuality, it is a lack of Light.

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