The Club Of Rome Warns That We Must Curb Excess

clubIn the News (from The New Scientist): The meeting in London last week marked the revival of the Club of Rome, the think tank that almost 30 years ago gave the world the phrase “limits to growth.” Now the club is back, in our hour of need. Yvo de Boer, the UN’s chief climate negotiator, agreed that “the financial crisis is the result of our living beyond our financial means. The climate crisis is a result of our living beyond our planet’s means.”

My Comment: For now we must try to find ways to optimize consumption on the global scale, not via international agreements that we’ve been using until now, but forcibly, and without delay or exceptions. To this end, we need a global government, or at least a single government for North America, Europe and Russia. Together they’ll be able to impose the method on the rest of the world. But then again, Russia, which always seems to do things “its own way,” may not be all that necessary.

This unification will put these countries in balance, in relative equivalence to Nature (the Creator), and this will yield good results. It will also serve as an example to others, as Baal HaSulam writes in “The Future Generation.”

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  1. If countries impose this on other countries, isnt this egoistic and coercing them?

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